Racist Super Bowl Ad–GOP Senate Candidate Stereotypes Asians

"Pete Hoekstra"

Oh boy–here we go again! A GOP Senate candidate used a racially insensitive and inappropriate campaign ad during the Super Bowl. I wonder if he’ll use the “sorry I misspoke” excuse? Do I think everyone in the Republican party is racist? No. However, those who have more than a bag of cabbage for brains in the RNC should come out and actively condemn the racially insensitive and bigoted comments and advertisements that have flooded this election season.

Republican Pete Hoekstra is running against Democratic incumbent, Debbie Stabenow, in Michigan for U.S. Senate.  Hoekstra has been referring to Ms. Stabenow as Debbie “Spenditnow,” in order to take a jab at government spending.  In addition to the playground name calling, Hoekstra decided to launch an ad that shows a young Asian woman riding her bike with a rice paddy hat hanging on her back–looking into the camera and thanking Debbie “Spenditnow” in broken English for making her country wealthy. “Your economy get weak. Ours get very good. We take your jobs,” says the woman in the ad.

So yes, here we go AGAIN. I say again, because we’ve already heard that minority children grow up with no work ethic and should clean sh-t from their school toilets, blacks and latinos are given too many government handouts, our first black President is a “food stamp” president and wasn’t born here….but now…watch those Asians because they’ll take your job!

Check out the Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote response to Hoekstra’s ad online. You can also watch the full ad on YouTube.

Tweet @TeamHoekstra and tell them Hoekstra would look good in a white hood.

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