Raise state revenue off rape victims? Welcome to Kansas

"Kansas anti-abortion bill"

Well happy International Women’s Day! Kansas has decided to introduce an anti-abortion bill that would slap a sales tax on rape victims seeking an abortion.  Actually, ANY woman seeking a LEGAL abortion would be slapped with this tax.  In addition to trying to profit off of rape victims, Kansas has also decided that women who are taxed for their LEGAL abortions would not be able to claim that tax as a health care cost—even if the abortion was performed as a medical necessity.

As an article in the Huff Post points out, the Kansas anti-abortion bill would also make the government play doctor and violate medical privacy laws. Furthermore, women could be denied medical information regarding their health that could encourage them to choose getting an abortion.

So say a woman was raped and went to the doctor a week or so after getting raped and wanted to discuss having an abortion.  She could be denied medical information supporting her decision to get an abortion.  If she still went through with her LEGAL abortion, should would then be slapped with an extra sales tax and be prohibited from claiming that tax on her state returns. Ya know–maybe she couldn’t give birth in the first place? Maybe it would threaten her life? Who needs to know that, right? Kansas will tell her what she needs to do with her body and then profit off of  it.

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