The GOP Philosophy: Back Gay Marriage For Cash

"GOP Gay Marriage"

After GOP Sen. Rob Portman publicly backed gay marriage, many Republican leaders softened their tune, straying from their party’s traditional platform.  One may ask why the switch?  According to a recent post on Politico—money.  I couldn’t agree more.   The GOP has been scrambling to redefine their party and reach out to voters whom they’ve alienated since their failed attempt to take back the White House in 2012.  As public polls on gay marriage overwhelmingly tip the ball to the Democrat’s court, it becomes glaringly obvious that the Republican anti-gay marriage stance is a losing issue with voters. Losing issues don’t win elections and they don’t raise money.   No one knows this better than GOP money man Karl Rove, who recently took the airwaves on “This Week” and backed up the notion that a Republican presidential candidate could publicly admit support for gay marriage.

The GOP’s obsession with culture wars  has often rattled the nerves of donors. As a top GOP fundraising operative stated:

“Those donors are libertarian on social issues, and a lot of them support [gay marriage].”

Will we see the GOP support gay marriage? No. What we will see is a more “neutral stance.”  Even Tea Party unicorn rider, Rand Paul, has encouraged a “neutral stance” on gay marriage. Why? Money.  Sit back and watch potential 2016 GOP candidates dance around gay rights and soften their tune.  Will it work?  Maybe in the short-term, but voters don’t forget—especially gay voters.  You can’t punch someone in the face for decades and then tell them you’re “neutral” on punching.

Astonishing Wealth Inequality As Dow Hits All Time High And Number Of Billionaires Grows 16% (VIDEO)

"wealth" "inequality" "billionaires" "dow" "jones"

Let’s face it — “Trickle Down Economics” (aka Supply Side Economics) does NOT work. All of the wealth has gone to the top and the poor are left with nothing, absolutely nothing. Ironically those who are against programs and services for those at the bottom keep voting for the people who put the poor at the bottom. They’ve been pushed down, and then kicked in the face and belittled for being there while those at the top keep getting richer and richer and more people are being pushed to the bottom. It’s a sick game.

Here’s a little wake up call for those who don’t see the wealth inequality and need a visual:


In addition the Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit and all time high while millions of people are still struggling to get by, as well as millions unemployed.

On top of all that the number of billionaires has jumped 16% yet asking the extremely (could never spend that money in a lifetime) wealthy people to pay a little more in taxes, cut their corporate jet subsidies, or pay their workers a living wage so we can get more people off the government dole is apparently “hating the wealthy” or “socialism” — No, it’s called “wanting to live in a functional economy where everybody can take part” — don’t worry the wealthy will still be obscenely wealthy.

Our current wealth inequality is obscene and unacceptable. It’s time to level the playing field and stop rewarding unethical behavior (outsourcing, cutting safety corners, paying slave wages, etc.) and hold those people who destroyed our economy accountable.


Obama calls out Fox News for what it is: Bullsh*t

"Fox News"

Fox News is in an uproar after President Obama pointed out the role that conservative pundits on the radio and Fox play when it comes to hurting bipartisanship efforts in Washington.  Naturally, Fox has spun the President’s opinion into “silencing the media.”

President Obama stated:

“If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it”

After crying to their viewers on-air and online, Fox News now joins Paul Ryan, Speaker Boehner, and the rest of the GOP in playing little helpless victims to Obama the “bully.”  When you no longer control the conversation and the public catches on–it’s easier to sit and cry in the sandbox than it is to take ownership of your failure as a news outlet or failure to govern as a party.

While struggling to get over the President calling their bluff as a news organization that lacks news, Fox went on to more important topics such as whether or not Hillary Clinton was pushed when she fell and received a concussion.  Oh no–who pushed her? Was it an inside liberal conspiracy to distract us from Benghazi?


Science vs. Creationism in Louisiana Public Schools


State Senator Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) filed a bill to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA) of 2008, which encourages teachers to challenge science with religion in public schools. Apparently fossils and Jesus just don’t go together, so scientific facts that challenge biblical stories should be thrown away when necessary.

In an effort to support Ms.Carter Peterson, 74 Nobel Laureate scientists (liberal conspirators) have decided to publicly back the bill by sending a letter to the Louisiana legislature.  The letter stated that LSEA needed to be repealed because it “creates a pathway for creationism and other forms of non-scientific instruction to be taught in public school science classrooms.” Somehow, experts in physics, chemistry, biology, etc. believe that creationism shouldn’t replace scientific research. Oh but that’s no fun!



It’s 2012, not 1212–Female Democrats Walk Out of Contraceptive Hearing

"Carolyn Maloney" "Eleanor Holmes Norton"

Showing that we should join the year 2012 instead of going back to 1212, Rep.Carolyn Maloney (NY) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) walked out of the Congressional committee hearing on coverage for contraception. The first panel of witnesses was composed of male academics and religious leaders…because men can clearly represent the interests of millions of American women.  I hate to break it to the bishops, but just because you frequently wear dresses, doesn’t mean you know what’s best for the female reproductive system.

“Where are the women?” asked Rep. Maloney.  Well, investigation-loving Darly Issa (R-CA) decided to deny a female witness, who was nominated by the Democrats, to the panel.  Ms. Maloney and Ms. Norton cut through the b.s. and walked out of the hearings in protest. Why?

I’m sure these were a few reasons for walking out:

  • A conversation regarding women’s health and reproduction shouldn’t be led by an all-male panel.
  • Contraceptives do more than prevent pregnancy–they prevent disease and help treat other illnesses.
  • Men may find their seed to be sacred–but that seed ain’t fertilizing anything without a woman’s consent.
  • Complete and utter shock that this conversation is happening in the year 2012.

Either way–we applaud these two women for standing up and walking out on such a mockery of a hearing.

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