The GOP Philosophy: Back Gay Marriage For Cash

"GOP Gay Marriage"

After GOP Sen. Rob Portman publicly backed gay marriage, many Republican leaders softened their tune, straying from their party’s traditional platform.  One may ask why the switch?  According to a recent post on Politico—money.  I couldn’t agree more.   The GOP has been scrambling to redefine their party and reach out to voters whom they’ve alienated since their failed attempt to take back the White House in 2012.  As public polls on gay marriage overwhelmingly tip the ball to the Democrat’s court, it becomes glaringly obvious that the Republican anti-gay marriage stance is a losing issue with voters. Losing issues don’t win elections and they don’t raise money.   No one knows this better than GOP money man Karl Rove, who recently took the airwaves on “This Week” and backed up the notion that a Republican presidential candidate could publicly admit support for gay marriage.

The GOP’s obsession with culture wars  has often rattled the nerves of donors. As a top GOP fundraising operative stated:

“Those donors are libertarian on social issues, and a lot of them support [gay marriage].”

Will we see the GOP support gay marriage? No. What we will see is a more “neutral stance.”  Even Tea Party unicorn rider, Rand Paul, has encouraged a “neutral stance” on gay marriage. Why? Money.  Sit back and watch potential 2016 GOP candidates dance around gay rights and soften their tune.  Will it work?  Maybe in the short-term, but voters don’t forget—especially gay voters.  You can’t punch someone in the face for decades and then tell them you’re “neutral” on punching.

CPAC: Conservatives Perpetuating Absolute Crazy

"CPAC" "2013" "Conservative" "Republican" "GOP" "crazy" "clown"

Oh, CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) — You never fail to disappoint with the amount of crazy you hold.

From Santorum to Rand Paul to Bachmann to Palin to Trump to Coulter to Gingrich to Scott Walker to Mitt Romney to Marco Rubio to Paul Ryan to Wayne LaPierre to Allen West etc., every year you remind all of America of why President Obama won in 2008 and again in 2012.

The obliviousness too their woes as a party is almost comical. No wait… it is comical.

From Rubio selling his water bottles playing off his horrendous flub of a State of the Union reply to Sarah Palin joking about her “rack” drinking a big gulp and saying Washington is like reality TV… well she would know.

The whole thing is like a winner takes all in a game show titled “how outrageous can we sound?” and then the winner gets to take home an AR-15 and a Gadsden Flag.

If they’re not slamming one another, they’re ignoring other members of their party exist or the fact that they ever even tried to run for the highest office in the land, and then they don’t even invite members of the GOP which would actually bring in independent and minority votes.

It’s almost as if they want to have their only little “members only” club, have their requirements for entry, and then disavow all others.

They push lies about liberals because they know they’ll get applause. They throw out words like communist and socialist and leftist like stinky fish to a crowd of hungry seals.. and they’ll keep barking for more.

The GOP is becoming more and more of an utterly conformist “conservative” niche group like a tree with no branches that will never bloom because they can’t see that they are their own problem. They bad mouth minorities wanting “special rights” or call them out for needing welfare (even though GOP policy places and keeps most people on the welfare programs they are on by feeding the rich and crushing the poor, and heaven forbid Democrats don’t just want to sweep people under the rug).

I mean the man who won the CPAC straw poll (Rand Paul) is the same man who opposes gay marriage, voted against the Violence Against Women Act, and said of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “It’s not all about race relations, it’s about controlling property, ultimately.”

If the GOP doesn’t start realizing they are becoming the shrinking minority of thought in this nation they will bury themselves in their own absurdity and absolute bigotry.

… and you know what?! Let them.

Freedom & Liberty?? Rand Paul Believes In The Liberty To Tell You What Freedom You Can Have

"Rand" "Paul" "CPAC" "liberty" "freedom" "GOP" "Republican"

Rand Paul loves to stand up and tell everyone about how much he supports FREEDOM and LIBERTY! He plays make-believe that he’s actually a libertarian when really his ideology borders on fascism. He’s so far right he thinks he’s in the middle because he doesn’t fit in anywhere.

At CPAC Thursday Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said “The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered… I don’t think we need to name any names, do we? Our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom. The new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere.”

WOW! That sounds amazing! Maybe he’s actually pro-choice, pro-woman, and for gay marriage after all!

Until you actually look at what he means by “economic and personal.”

As far as ‘economic’ that can be translated into, “I want corporations to have complete freedom to do whatever they want no matter who they harm or what damage it may do to the economy. The markets must stay completely FREE and unencumbered by burdensome regulations that seek to keep things fair for all. Kill or be killed! Survival of the fittest! If a company figures out a way to screw the consumers, that is their freedom!! Power to the Corporations!!”

As far as ‘personal’ that can be translated into, “My personal freedom to be as bigoted as I want and write legislations to suit my fancy no matter who they hurt.”

There are these pesky things that I believe Rand doesn’t think we know about. One being his voting record and the other being the internet that tends to record things for everyone to see for all eternity.

Rand Paul is against gay marriage and the freedom for individuals to love and marry whom they choose (even though now he’s taken an area of gray on the issue because he knows he’s appearing to be a hypocrite), he voted against the Violence Against Women Act  (VAWA) and the freedom for women to feel safe in their own skin alongside 21 other Republicans in the Senate, and he is adamantly against a woman’s right to choose and to have the freedom over her own body.

Rand also feels it is a business owner’s personal freedom to turn a customer away based on the color of their skin saying, “It’s not all about race relations, it’s about controlling property, ultimately.”

That’s freedom?!?! For who?? The racists??

So when Rand Paul says things like, “liberty needs to be the backbone of the GOP,” and “We must have a message that is broad. Our vision must be broad. And that vision must be based on freedom” what does he really mean?? Freedom and liberty for who? For him? For him and those like him to legislate the lives of others? For corporations to have more liberty than a woman, a person of color, or a gay individual?


He’s a hypocritical wanker, and needs to be called out on it.

The GOP Wants To Run The Government Budget Like A Household Budget?

Republicans love to compare the government budget to an average American’s household budget.

Okay, let’s do that. In regards to the deficit.. can the average American pay off their mortgage, student loan debt, credit card debt, etc. while at the same time paying all their utilities, medical expenses, eating etc.? Does the average American need to pull in more money to pay things off? Or do they bring in less and just stop eating or going to the doctor and focus on paying their bills in just 10 years?

Like Obama said, the deficit isn’t the problem. We all have deficits. Businesses run on deficits… it’s all about running within a balance of being able to afford the things most crucial to life while paying our debts in a balanced way. Just cutting things out isn’t beneficial to anyone and will end up costing more in the long run.

You want to compare the government budget to a household budget? Okay, then next time you’re in debt and can’t afford food or medical treatment… quit your job, bring in less revenue and let me know how that works out for you.

Astonishing Wealth Inequality As Dow Hits All Time High And Number Of Billionaires Grows 16% (VIDEO)

"wealth" "inequality" "billionaires" "dow" "jones"

Let’s face it — “Trickle Down Economics” (aka Supply Side Economics) does NOT work. All of the wealth has gone to the top and the poor are left with nothing, absolutely nothing. Ironically those who are against programs and services for those at the bottom keep voting for the people who put the poor at the bottom. They’ve been pushed down, and then kicked in the face and belittled for being there while those at the top keep getting richer and richer and more people are being pushed to the bottom. It’s a sick game.

Here’s a little wake up call for those who don’t see the wealth inequality and need a visual:


In addition the Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit and all time high while millions of people are still struggling to get by, as well as millions unemployed.

On top of all that the number of billionaires has jumped 16% yet asking the extremely (could never spend that money in a lifetime) wealthy people to pay a little more in taxes, cut their corporate jet subsidies, or pay their workers a living wage so we can get more people off the government dole is apparently “hating the wealthy” or “socialism” — No, it’s called “wanting to live in a functional economy where everybody can take part” — don’t worry the wealthy will still be obscenely wealthy.

Our current wealth inequality is obscene and unacceptable. It’s time to level the playing field and stop rewarding unethical behavior (outsourcing, cutting safety corners, paying slave wages, etc.) and hold those people who destroyed our economy accountable.


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